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"Just wanted to let you folks know we're really enjoying your product! Although there is a bit of a learning curve, for the most part it is very intuitive and your tutorials are very helpful in figuring the rest out. I feel that the quality of our company's work has already improved since we joined OnePlace."
Stanton Hancock, Assistant General Manager - Extelligence Internet Services
"We have been able to increase our departments efforts by 250% over the course five months using OnePlace. By utilizing the powerful reporting features, we have, for the first time, been able to quantify the amount of work we do. This has given us unprecedented support from Administrators in staffing our department."
"The system is powerful but also flexible so you can use just the parts you need."
Simon Courage
"OnePlace has helped us work more efficiently and productively. By managing class notes, presentations and meeting minutes in OnePlace we’ve seen the benefit of keeping all our business information organized."
Melissa Moog - Founder of - Itsabelly Baby Planners
"One Place was recommended to us and we decided to take advantage of the free trial and overall it has provided exactly what we’ve needed to manage the tasks. But my love for One Place comes from the support we get, when we had a suggestion or needed technical assistance the team at One Place has been phenomenal! It has made us feel like the money we spend on this service/product is well spent when we see our requests/suggestions truly heard."
"OnePlace is proving to be truly One Place where I can do many things and feel confident that it is in place. I believe that OnePlace will help us to structure our lives so that not too many things will fall through the cracks."
Judy McArthur - Shekinah Fire Ministries
"I absolutely love OnePlace! I'm a freelance copywriter and continually looking for better ways to simplify and automate my business. OnePlace is the best time and project management software I have used and I have used several."
Linda Jenkinson - Web Content Design
"I am really liking the smooth way this new system operates...first time I really had a chance to use it....I just hope everyone gets into it......so far it is saving time, headaches and misfires on my part!!!!."
Charlie B - iq Marketing
"Our organization intends to utilize all aspects of OnePlace... Having such a multi-faceted, easily accessible webpage that we can use as a relative database and discussion forum will be a valuable tool to us and our endeavors."
Breanne Duff - Green Lifestyle Film Festival
"OnePlace provides the FPX Product Development team with an efficient, collaborative tool to manage our Product Development process. Its web based architecture allows FPX team members utilize OnePlace to effectively organize and manage day to day tasks from wherever internet access is available. Up to date status of projects is available on demand to ensure that FPX teams remain focused to accomplish objectives."
"What brought me here was the ‘depth’ of OnePlace and the resulting flexibility. I was finding with other online project management sites that they frequently needed another level in the management of workplaces-projects-subprojects-tasks, etc. In addition, the feature set related to each of these levels gives you multiple management options to a variety of different types of projects.

We continue to learn more and more about how OnePlace can help us as a team and the collaboration aspect married to the project management is just what we needed. OnePlace staff has also shown themselves very responsive to specific needs and feature sets. We look forward to its continued growth and usefulness."
Chad Hayhurst, Division of Online Education - Northland Bible College
"OnePlace is structured to keep you 100% organized and focused. It has also helped our team become more accountable with our time management and tasks."
Christy Bohnstengel, Office Manager - All-American Real Estate Investments
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