Online Project Management

OnePlace offers rich online project management capabilities for accurately modeling the various projects you tackle on a daily basis. A key aspect is hierarchical projects, which allow you to model as deep a project hierarchy as necessary. OnePlace also provides statistics on your projects so that you can keep tabs on how they are progressing.

Detailed online project management like this allows for greater project oversight and increased organization of business operations. Individuals are empowered to manage their tasks, and project managers have easy access to project reports to stay on top of team activity.

Managing Hierarchical Projects
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Project Overview

The Project Overview provides information about how work in the project is progressing. The overview also gives access to a set of actions that can be performed on a project, such as marking the project complete, printing a detailed report of the project, or adding new items to the project (sub-projects, tasks, files, notes, etc.)

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Project Statistics

OnePlace provides several charts and statistics for helping the project manager stay informed of the progress of a project.

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