Buying Time LLC Effectively Manages Client Time With OnePlace

In a world where it doesn’t seem like anyone has enough time for anything, Buying Time LLC has become the solution that gives you that time. As a personal assistant service, Buying Time LLC can do anything from help you organize your office to buying groceries for you once a week. Buying Time LLC currently services the Southern California communities of Los Angeles.

Because Buying Time LLC can offer time and assistance to pretty much everyone, they have a diverse group of clients. And when business was expanding, they turned to OnePlace to keep business and client information organized.

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One Central Location
With managing multiple clients and trying to pass out tasks to contractors, Buying Time LLC needed a central point to store all client tasks and information. After being encouraged to try OnePlace by an industry peer, Bibi Goldstein - co-owner of Buying Time LLC - reviewed the solution a couple times before encouraging the rest of her team to get involved. Once Ms. Goldstein helped the rest of the Buying Time LLC team use OnePlace, they haven’t turned back.

Access For The Entire Team
Because business can fluctuate greatly for Buying Time LLC, the company operates with multiple task contractors. With a staff like this, Buying Time LLC can take on many last-minute tasks for their customers and pass them along to the contractors that are available.

When a client calls and needs help getting something done - like creating a PowerPoint presentation or having their rental car picked up and returned to the dealership - the task gets created in OnePlace, and a contractor can assign themselves to it and get it completed. Contractors that are on vacation but would like to work for a couple hours can log in to OnePlace and pick up a client task that fits with their schedule.

Buying Time LLC uses the OnePlace notes feature to store information about the task that needs to be, or has been, completed. With these notes, anyone can view what needs to happen or what happened while completing that task for the client, and everyone stays connected to changes relating to that client.

Organization Increases Efficiency
By keeping all information about the clients in OnePlace, Buying Time LLC has seen increased business efficiency. Rather than calling up contractors and asking them to take on a task, contractors are now seeing new tasks being added and are fighting for them. Everyone on the team knows where to go for information on the client or their types of tasks. Storing information like this has also cut back on the amount of phone calls and questions from those completing client tasks.

Buying Time LLC also uses the task time tracking feature for invoicing. This can increase accuracy of time spent on client tasks so they can be billed accordingly.

By increasing the organization of client information, Buying Time LLC has been able to better serve their clients and grow their business when necessary. OnePlace will continue to aid Buying Time LLC in managing client tasks and information to empower the business to continue building on its success.

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Company: Buying Time LLC
Locations: 1
# of Employees: 11 (9 contractors)
Industry: Personal Assistant Service
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Time Tracking, Mobile, Discussions, File Storage
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