Itsabelly and the IBPA Plan for Babies and Projects With OnePlace

Once you’re pregnant, who do you turn to for support and information regarding the best ways to plan for and care for your baby? It’s this question that Itsabelly and the International Baby Planner Association is looking to answer for expectant parents everywhere.

But once business started to multiply for Itsabelly, they needed an online solution to keep in contact with staff all over the country, as well as to plan business projects and tasks. And managing two businesses means twice the work to manage.

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About Itsabelly and IBPA
Itsabelly Baby Planners and the International Baby Planner Association have one thing in mind - to help expectant families prepare for the baby’s arrival and first year thereafter. Itsabelly and the IBPA provide help and support for families with a focus on safety and a healthy lifestyle. The baby planners will help families increase the quality of life for the baby by helping to choose what to put on the baby registry, nursery design, birth plan options, helping to baby proof the home and helping to make healthy baby food - whatever the couple needs.

With business increasing and founding the International Baby Planner  Association, Melissa Moog - the founder of Itsabelly - turned to OnePlace in 2008 to help manage all business information. OnePlace was able to store account information, and much more.

Planning for Baby with OnePlace
After utilizing OnePlace as the storage solution for business account information, Itsabelly began using it as a more efficient way to store documents and resources as well. Now, rather than losing attachments in email strings, all business files, class notes and presentations can be stored in OnePlace, and easily found later.

Along with storing files, OnePlace is helping Itsabelly manage projects. Itsabelly can now see at a glance how much of the project is completed, and how much is remaining. Itsabelly and the International Baby Planner Association also use OnePlace to keep lists of checkpoints for running a baby planning business and an association. They also manage meeting schedules and meeting minutes within OnePlace.

After utilizing OnePlace, Itsabelly is working more efficiently, especially when taking on new employees. The Itsabelly team knows that training documents and presentation information is stored in OnePlace and can find them with ease. And when traveling, the Itsabelly team and the International Baby Planner Association can access business information from anywhere in the world via OnePlace.

Whether you are planning for a baby or planning business tasks, OnePlace can help keep you as organized as Itsabelly.

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Company: Itsabelly
Locations: 7
Industry: Baby Planning
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Time Tracking, Mobile, Discussions, File Storage
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