Yoga Pro Improves Team Collaboration and Overall Business Health With OnePlace

With a focus on improving the success of the individual with features like project management and team collaboration, OnePlace has been improving the business organization of its customers. OnePlace continuously updates to improve the usability for its customers, and ensures they can use the product to benefit their business.

In early 2009, Yoga Pro needed a new project management system to handle its growing business needs. After outgrowing Basecamp and needing a solution that was more detailed and robust, Yoga Pro turned to OnePlace to manage its projects and collaboration.

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Yoga Pro and Yoga Toes
Yoga Pro is an online retailer of health and beauty products. Their original product, Yoga Toes, draws in a huge amount of sales and provides a great health benefit. By stretching and realigning the toes and muscles in the foot, Yoga Toes is a comfortable solution to tight, cramped toes after a day of wearing constricting shoes.

Yoga Pro also distributes high-end yoga equipment, and focuses heavily on customer services. Being a small business, they want to provide the best experience for their customers and sell products they believe in. After discovering the attention to customer service provided by OnePlace, Yoga Pro felt comfortable working with an online business organization solution similar to their own small business.

For A Team Under One Roof
After realizing Basecamp wouldn’t meet their project management needs, Yoga Pro began using OnePlace and leveraging its hierarchical project management feature. Because the Yoga Pro team managers all parts of their business themselves - such as development, advertising and website maintenance - they organize each business department as a Workplace, and roll up all related projects and tasks to the appropriate workplace. This helps keep the team and task organized.

When most of the communication between team members happens in the office or via email and instant message, OnePlace is used as an additional communication channel for the team. Yoga Pro leverages OnePlace Discussions for important topics to ensure everyone on the team is aware of the conversation that is occurring, and they can chime in on these discussions easier than in email. Discussions also help the team store information to be viewed later, rather than worrying about sifting through deleted emails.

Team Collaboration Success
OnePlace has also allowed Yoga Pro to collaborate on creative documents via its file versioning and previewing feature. Because Yoga Pro manages their entire business in house and within OnePlace, the advertising team can easily collaborate with the rest of the team on graphics. Rather than gathering everyone around one computer screen and talking through updates, the Yoga Pro team can save time by viewing the graphic at their desk and collaborate on new ideas. Now, the graphic can be uploaded, and the team can share comments and suggestions for improvement.

OnePlace has helped Yoga Pro organize all parts of their business. The Yoga Pro team has been able to increase productivity and decrease the amount of task and project oversights that can happen without a detailed project management solution. OnePlace has also enable the Yoga Pro team to manage the time it takes to complete tasks and better understand the necessary effort behind each project.

OnePlace will continue to improve the health of its solution, to aid Yoga Pro in improving the health of its business and its customers.

To improve the organization and productivity in your small business, sign up for a free 14-day trial of OnePlace at

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Company: Yoga Pro
Locations: 1
# of Employees: 15
Industry: Sports and Health Merchandise
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Time Tracking, Mobile, Discussions, File Storage
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