OnePlace Helps The CLGSA Better Manage Tasks For The World Series

There are many small businesses using OnePlace for their business organizational needs. However, there are other organizations that can benefit from using OnePlace to manage projects and communication. One non-profit organization that saw a need for an online project management solution is the Columbus Lesbian and Gay Softball Association.

Founded in 1986 by a group of friends looking to play softball recreationally, the CLGSA has grown to include nearly 500 players on 30 teams. Playing softball every summer, Columbus, OH will be hosting the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series in August 2010. Organizing this huge event for the league, the CLGSA needed an online solution to manage tasks and communication.

Task Management For The World Series
When Columbus was selected to host the league’s 2010 World Series, the CLGSA needed a more robust way to manage planning and preparing for the event. OnePlace was able to step up to bat for the CLGSA.

Organizing the World Series is a larger project than managing the softball teams on a year-to-year basis. Dan Westbrook, Project Manager for the tournament, is using OnePlace to manage all information related to the World Series, including managing sponsorships, tracking hotel contract deadlines and scheduling reminders to ensure all events have the support personnel they need.

The CLGSA is also using OnePlace to manage their advertisements and other branded collateral for the softball tournament. The association can now store and find files and documents easily when they are all kept in a centralized location.

Using OnePlace as a way to get more planned and completed for the upcoming NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series, the Columbus Lesbian and Gay Softball Association will be able to host a great tournament with a more organized team.

OnePlace is available free of charge for non-profits, charity organizations and school. Sign up for a OnePlace free 14-day trial to see what it can do for your organization.

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Company: Columbus Lesbian and Gay Softball Association
Locations: 1
# of Members: 400
Industry: Sports
Uses: Project Management, Task Management, Team Collaboration, Mobile, Discussions, File Storage
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